Windlass Shitake Wraps

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Waking up in lock 14

As lock 14 opened, we were the first in line to go through.  Literally.  We had actually slept in the lock the night before.  We needed to get through 14 locks all the way to Albany by the end of the day.  We pushed and pushed but the sun was already starting to set by the time we made it to the first guard gate before the flight of five locks at Lockport.  We radioed but no luck.  Finally, as a last resort I called Jeff the Erie Canal Navigation manager.  We just had to make it through to Albany.

Once again Jeff saved the day and got the operators to get us through the flight.  We sneaked past Troy Federal lock in the nick of time just before they closed at 10 and motored into Albany in the Erie barely lit by my crewmate Mori-San shining a lamp to make sure no logs or flotsam was in our way.

By the time we finally moored I was beyond exhausted, but between holding lines and pushing walls and closing times to get through the locks I hadn’t had time to even think about dinner.

Wraps are a staple for quick and easy lunches or a late-night snack while on watch.  Tortillas keep for ages without molding and you can put pretty much anything inside of them.   These wraps are more for a little more involved than just throwing something together but it’s worth it.

Crewing on a Japanese boat, I find myself using a lot more soy sauce and ginger in my cooking than I normally do.  But I always used those.  The   I have discovered a new favorite ingredient.  Corn starch.  It’s flavorless, doesn’t add color, texture, or nutritional value, but I am hooked.  You can thicken sauces without having to cook them endlessly… a few minutes and presto you have a delicious thick sauce.  Better yet it cuts down on propane use.

On Watch Shitake Wraps

makes 3 wraps



  • 1 T garlic jelly
  • ¼ c soy sauce
  • 1 T fresh ginger grated
  • 1 T sesame oil
  • t veg oil
  • ⅓ lb shitake mushrooms
  • 1 T corn starch
  • salami (if desired)
  • slice of swiss cheese (I used individually wrapped cheese for this)
  • sprouts
  • tomato sliced into wedges

DSCN8537 1024x768 Windlass Shitake Wraps


  • Mix the sauce and marinate the mushrooms in it for 5-10 minutes
  • Fry the mushrooms in the sauce mixing in cornstarch until thickened
  • Place one slice of cheese on tortilla
  • Spoon mushrooms over followed by tomatoes
  • Finish with sprouts, wrap, relax, and enjoy!


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