On Watch Wasabi Bagels

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If anything can keep you alert through the wee hours of morning when you’re on watch it’s a shot of wasabi.  And how better than to get wasabi into a scrumptious and easy spread than to mix it with cream cheese?  It gives a sandwich, crackers, or whatever you put it on, a whole new dimension.  And for those of you not as excited about spicy food, the cream cheese tones down the bite of the wasabi.

Wasabi and cream cheese might not be the first combination that comes to mind.  Oh sure, there’s wasabi mayonnaise, some sushi uses cream cheese, you put wasabi on the sushi, but wasabi cream cheese?  The first time I tried horseradish cream cheese was at Russ and Daughters bagel shop in New York, my all-time favorite deli.  Their masterful creation the “Super Heebster” has wasabi roe, horseradish cream cheese, and not one but two tasty fish spreads.  From the second I bit into their bagel I was hooked.  Now I can’t recreate wasabi roe.  I think you have to force feed fish a steady diet of wasabi for that to happen.   So I may not be able to have Russ and Daughters anywhere in the world, but I’ve found a pretty tasty alternative.  Here is my nautical take on the “Super Heebster.”

On Watch Wasabi Bagels


  • 8 oz lox
  • 4 bagels
  • Wasabi cream cheese spread


Wasabi cream cheese spread

  • 2 T wasabi (if you aren’t a fan of spicy then you can just use 1 T of Wasabi)
  • ½ c cream cheese
  • ½ red onion finely chopped

Mix the wasabi, cream cheese, and red onion together and voila!  Brilliance.  It is better the second day.

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