On Course Cherry Blue Cheese Crackers

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Umineko is summering in Detroit.   Why on earth would boat that’s doing a circumnavigation summer in Detroit, you might ask.  I sure didWe’ve all heard the horror stories about the bankrupt city.  But when we sailed in I was pleasantly surprised.  Detroit Yacht Club on Belle Island, an island in the middle of the city is the largest yacht club in North America.  With chandeliers, marble bathrooms, and even an indoor swimming pool on the second floor it was certainly resplendent in Detroit’s heyday.  Though some of the opulence has faded, it is still lovely today, and the members are more than welcoming, bursting with the camaraderie and helpfulness, characteristic of yachties.

What says thank you better than inviting someone onto your boat for drinks?  And you can’t very well have drinks without hors d’oeuvres now can you?

When Sato San asked me what we were having for appetizers I thought for a bit.  Suddenly it hit me; we had a wedge of Humboldt Fog left in our cheese box.

Humboldt Fog is one of my all-time favorite cheeses.  This brilliant cheese combines three delectable cheeses into one.  Somehow the brilliant cheese makers at Cyprus Grove in Humboldt California have engineered a perfect marriage between flavorful blue cheese, creamy brie, with a crumbly goat cheese mistress on the side.  I may not eat it as often as I’d like but I still tend to judge grocery stores (in the States at least) on whether or not they stock it.

Sure I could just put out this delicious cheese with the wheat thins we had on board, but Sato San had just bought a box of the tangy little bursts of flavor that are freshly dried Michigan cherries.  Just thinking of the pairing of the sweetly tart, rich flavor paired with the sharp earthy bite of Humboldt Fog made me weak in the knees.

Sure enough, even with the mountain of other food around every crumb of the crackers had vanished by the end of the evening.



On Course Cherry Blue Cheese Crackers





  • 1 wedge Humboldt Fog
  • Tart dried cherries
  • Wheat Thins


  • Spread a thick layer of Humboldt Fog (or a blue cheese if you can’t find Humboldt Fog) on wheat thins or other crackers
  • Place one dried cherry on top
  • Arrange on a plate
  • Serve at room temperature


  •  Serve immediately or crackers may soften
  • Serve as an appetizer before meals
  • Serve as a dessert paired with a nice tawny port


Detroit Yacht Club

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