Lime-soy Tilapia over a bed of Spinach

Tilapia email 1 Lime soy Tilapia over a bed of Spinach
We anchored in the middle of the ocean. In 20 feet of water. Many a Spanish galleon ran aground in the Bahamas, giving it its name. Spanish Baja (low) mar (sea). Unfortunately, unlike the last time I was on a boat anchored in the middle of the Bahamas the seas were anything but flat. Thinking back to sailing across lake Erie I should have remembered how choppy shallow bodies of water get. So it makes sense that it doesn’t take much of a wind to stir up water that shallow but still
A rolly anchorage didn’t begin to cover it. Waves slammed into us from what seemed like all sides. At
least it was a good test for our new Rocna anchor.
Anchored in the middle of the ocean, fish for dinner just made sense. Though white fish isn’t my favorite it does lend itself well to glazes and sauces and we had picked up some cheap frozen tilapia at Costco before leaving the States. I know, fresh fish is invariably better but we like to hedge our bets. Just in case we don’t catch fish it’s always good to keep your freezer stocked. You’d think a Japanese boat wouldn’t have any problems catching fish, but we hadn’t had the best luck so frozen tilapia fillets it
We had just done our last time in the States provisioning extravaganza and I was doing what I could to use the fresh vegetables before they went off. Leafy greens go first so I always try to use them as quickly as possible. As much as I adore salads keeping fresh greens on a long passage is all-butimpossible.


This glazed fish would be delightful over a bed of rice as well, though possibly not quite as healthy. So if
you manage to pick up some spinach or similar greens along the way they accent this scrumptious fish


Lime-soy Tilapia over a bed of Spinach

2 T soy
1 T honey
1 T mirin
1 T water
Juice from 2 limes
2 T Olive oil
2 c fresh spinach
Dried cranberries
Slivered almonds
Feta cheese
4 tilapia filets
Salt and pepper to taste


Mix soy, mirin, honey, and lime juice in bowl
Heat 2 T olive oil in large skillet over medium heat
Fry fish for 2-3 minutes
Flip fish and add sauce
Stir slowly until sauce reduces to glaze
Flip fish and turn off heat
Serve over a bed of spinach

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