Guide to Food Storage at Sea N-O

Nuts: A great source of protein and easy to store.  Nuts can be stored on the shelf for varying times but can be frozen for years.  I have never had problems with nuts going bad but if you have kept nuts for longer than 6-months sample one before putting it in your cooking.  If they taste rancid then throw them away.  For a complete guide this chart is an excellent source

  • nuts walnuts 150x150 Guide to Food Storage at Sea N Onuts almonds 150x150 Guide to Food Storage at Sea N OAlmonds: When stored in the pantry almonds can last up to a year after the sell-by date
  • Brazil nuts: Stored in the pantry brazil nuts last up to 9 months after the sell-by date.
  • Cashews: Stored in the pantry cashews can last up to 9 months past the sell-by date
  • Peanuts: Stored in the pantry peanuts can last up to 9 months past the sell-by date
  • Walnuts: Stored in the pantry walnuts can last 6 months beyond the sell-by date

Oats: Boatmeal is a staple on cold mornings at sea.  Store oatmeal in a plastic insect-proof sealable Tupperware container with bay leaves for an extra safeguard against pests.  Oats can also be used in crumbles, cookies, and other baking and cooking.

Onions1 150x150 Guide to Food Storage at Sea N OOnions: Onions are necessary for so much cooking and are relatively easy to keep.  Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place.  Storing separately from other foods is good so that they don’t take on the flavor or aroma of onions.  As delicious as onions are no one wants to eat an apple that tastes oniony.  Both food hammocks out of the sun and plastic crates work well.  Stored properly onions have a shelf life of up to 8 months.


Oil: Oils have a shelf-life of up to two years.  The taste of olive oil can go off after two years sealed, and some people believe olive oil only has a shelf-life of months after opening, but the oil itself is still good.

oranges 150x150 Guide to Food Storage at Sea N OOranges: Oranges are a good citrus fruit to have in your food stores.  Whether it’s for fresh juice or for a healthy snack picking up a lot of oranges inexpensively at the local market is never a bad idea.  Store in fruit hammock out of the sun.  In a cool environment oranges last up to 3-months.  Great cruising food, oranges actually have a longer shelf-life in humid environments.

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