Guide to Food Storage at Sea H-J

Honey 150x150 Guide to Food Storage at Sea H JHoney:  Lasts indefinitely but may crystallize.  If it crystallizes, simply boil the container for 10 minutes and it will liquefy.  Creamed or spun honey which is easier to spread and does not crystallize.  Importing, (sailing), honey into some countries is not allowed.  Australia and New Zealand both have strict immigration laws and will certainly dispose of your honey.  Read the immigration laws before sailing to a country and do your best to use up items not allowed before reaching the country.

Ice:  Ice is a valuable commodity at sea.  I have come to refer to it as Nautical Gold.  Though many freezers can have one or two ice cube trays very few yachts in my experience have ice makers (they use lots of power, are expensive, etc etc).  You can buy a bag of ice in many ports, but cruising around the equator the temperature can be sweltering.   You may find yourself dreaming of a cube or two of ice in your cocktail.

Ice Cream:  A scarcer commodity than ice.  Ice cream is the pinnacle of in-port treats.  Even the boats with freezers may not have a freezer that gets low enough temperature to keep ice cream frozen.

Jicama 150x150 Guide to Food Storage at Sea H JJicama: A root vegetable indigenous to Mexico.  Be sure just to eat the root as the rest of the plant is poisonous!  Jicama may be cut up and eaten raw with dips or used in salads.  Store in a cool dark place with other root vegetables.  Can be refrigerated but be careful not to freeze.   In cool conditions jicama can last for several months. Has low sensitivity to ethylene so can be stored with apples.


uht juice 150x150 Guide to Food Storage at Sea H J

UHT Juice


Juice: Juice is always nice to have on a boat and if you don’t want to rely on refrigerated juices or making your own fresh-squeezed juices, UHT (ultra heat treated) treated juice is a wonderful alternative.  Stored in the cupboard, it has a shelf-life of over a year.




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