Globe Hackers

Cruisers and sailors are some of the most interesting people.  I haven’t met a single citizen of the high seas who wasn’t at least a little bit out-of-step with the white picket fence world.  The lifestyle lends itself to the quirky, quixotic, fanciful, and fantastic; those special people for whom life is about exploration, learning, and perusing new experiences.  It brings some of the

I met Vetenar a 43’ fountaine pajot catamaran, and her fantastic crew in Marina Hemingway. Steven, Alex, Alex, and Hillary.  From the start their passion and curiosity, were clear.  Steven and Alex had founded an organization called Globe Hackers.  An organization of explorers, adventurers, and “people who think they can.”

Globe Hackers  champions travel, learning, exploring, and making the world a better place.  Their goal is connect like-minded people and to provide a better understanding of the world. They produce films and write about unique and fascinating places, as well as people and organizations around the world that are doing extraordinary things.

I have started writing for Globe Hackers and look forward to doing production work with them in the near future.  I highly recommend checking them out.  This is a video they did of a dinner party we had.

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