Ginger Pancakes with Ginger Honey

x ginger pancakes Ginger Pancakes with Ginger Honey

Umineko has been plagued with sickness.  Nothing terribly serious, but I’ve had a cough for weeks and now Mori San has come down with it too. Cough drops, vitamin C… all to no avail I even got one bottle of cough syrup in George Town, went through it, and started on the second.  Nothing could shake the miserable cough. I didn’t feel bad, other than feeling a little guilty for preparing food with a persistent cough. I even started wearing surgical masks while I cooked.

It could have been the weather. Grey skies and rain had plagued us throughout our time in “sunny” Florida, and the sullen weather had followed us all the way to Nassau.  Even though vitamin C tablets weren’t working I wanted to do everything I could to kick the cough.  Especially after Mori San caught it.  Soup is fantastic, but not always the most practical at sea.  Ginger on the other hand.  Ginger is the miracle cure for everything.  From seasickness to pretty much anything that ails you.  And so ginger it was.  I slipped a little (or a lot) of ginger into almost every meal, until miraculously the weather, and our coughs vanished a couple days outside of Nassau.

We anchored off of Shroud Cay, an island we had gotten an inside tip on, well, the prettiest beach in the Bahamas lay just through a thicket of mangroves.  Sato San, Taira San and I set out to see this beautiful beach, both of them in the dinghy, me paddle boarding behind.


paddle board and dinghy Ginger Pancakes with Ginger Honey

We crept through the maze of winding mangrove channels.  How the plants managed to thrive in salt water always impressed me.  I love exploring mangroves. No matter how rough the seas outside get, the waters inside provide a calm haven.  A separate ecosystem grow up around their roots.


mangrove channel Ginger Pancakes with Ginger Honey

We trekked over a sandy hill scrub brush covered hill at the end of the channel.  There it was: the secluded white sandy beach so unlike most other beaches in the Bahamas.  A make-shift swing hung from a tree branch and several hammocks that had succumbed to the ravages of time hung in tatters marking the work of cruisers before us.

We played on the beach to our hearts content, but the wind was picking up.  We needed to get back to the boat and move on.  Sailing in 15-20 knots is gorgeous.  Dinghying in that is less fun.

One of my favorite creations from the sick days was ginger pancakes with ginger sauce.  I am a confessed pancake syrup snob. Our store of Canadian maple syrup was dwindling and I wouldn’t subject myself or anyone else on Umineko to fake maple syrup.  The only thing to do was to make my own syrups or sauces.

Ginger honey butter is a stand-out sauce that would grace any pancake, ginger or not.  It isn’t bad drizzled on bread either…



Ginger Pancakes with Ginger Honey

2 cup milk

3 c flour

2 T lime juice

¼ c sugar

2 eggs

1 t baking soda

2 t baking powder

½ t salt


Ginger sauce

1 T ground ginger

2 T grated ginger

1 T honey

4 T butter

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