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Tamarillo (tree tomato/tomate de arbol): is a delicious fruit indigenous to South and Central America.  The tamarillo has surprising, completely unique flavor.  Tart, but with a slight aftertaste with lower notes not generally found in fruit.  The fruit has a slightly tear-dropped shape and can be red, yellow, but most commonly appears like a greenish unripe tomato and is about the size of a small plum.  It is commonly found in markets in South and Central America and is eaten as a dessert, marmalade but it is most commonly used as a juice or smoothie(batido). Pureed with water and a bit of sugar, it is fantastic as a thick smoothie-like juice.  Store in fruit hammock out of the sun.  Can be stored with apples and if kept cool may last over a month.

tangerines 150x150 A Z Guide to Food Storage at Sea   TTangerines:  Store in fruit hammock out of the sun.  These sweet, candy-like citrus fruit may be delicious and easy to peel, but unfortunately their sugar makes them the worst citrus for cruising.  Even under optimal conditions tangerines have at best a month-long shelf-life, less than half that of other citrus fruit.



Taro (Dasheen):  This purple and white speckled tuber is a wonderful addition to your cruising root vegetable store.  It has a delicate delectable flavor and good texture.  It is used in many Asian deserts and smoothies, but is also delicious stir-fried, pureed, or cooked in savory dishes.  Store wrapped in newspaper in dark well-ventilated area (milk crates work well).  Under the right conditions taro has a shelf-life of up to four months.

tofu 150x150 A Z Guide to Food Storage at Sea   TTofu:  Buy in UHT (Ultra Heat Treated) boxes which can last for over a year.  A great source for protein tofu doesn’t have its own flavor but it takes on the flavor of whatever it’s with.  Though it doesn’t do much for enhancing meals and standing alone it is wonderful at reinforce, pureed and added to sauces or be transformed into something delicious cut up and fried in the right seasoning.

Tofu Pesto Spread

tomatoes 2 150x150 A Z Guide to Food Storage at Sea   TTomatoes:  Buy unripe green tomatoes if you can find them.  Keep them individually wrapped in newspaper at room temperature.  Never refrigerate or will not ripen right and will actually lose flavor.  Keeping them in egg cartons can help prevent bruising on bumpy passages.  Green tomatoes can last up to 5-weeks under proper conditions, two more weeks than ripe red tomatoes.


Tortillas: Last extremely well. Almost completely flour and water a package of store-bought flour tortillas can last months.  More than just a long shelf-life tortillas make wonderful cruising food for diversity, ease to cook and store.  Great on-the-fly meals of wraps, quesadillas,  or on-the-fly snacks I highly recommend tortillas for your cruising pantry.

Ruby’s Queequeg Quesadillas

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